Kings Of Leon In San Jose… Hell Yeah!

On the 25th of March, the amazing Kings Of Leon took over San Jose. and what a beautiful, energetic night it was! Ok first let me make it clear, if it isn’t already clear enough, Kings Of Leon is one of my all time favorite band. Their music simply hypnotize me. Anthony Calleb Followil’s voice is so distinct and perfectly imperfect, it’s like music to my ears. Duh.

So we got some tickets and got ready to rock at the SAP center in San Jose. At around 8:30 the band was on staging rocking our night. The crowd sang along every song with great passion, it was truly unforgettable.


KOL sang a mix of their best songs. And did a great encore after the screams and shouts of a crowd that can get enough of their favorite band.


Aside from the music, the visuals and the lighting sets were spectacular, very well done and added a great touch to the concert.


KOL in SAP San Jose – Sex On Fire

I really can’t wait to watch them again!




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