Spontaneous Sunday

After few rainy and cloudy days, the sun finally shined on San Francisco. So Rob and I headed to Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, for a nice quick walk and sight seeing of the bay. We ended up spending an amazing spontaneous day full of food, laughs and photos.



We started our tour with a quick stop at the Eagle Cafe for some delicious oysters on the half shell. I could literally live on oysters, and sushi of course. We were seated outside on a balcony overlooking the bay, alcatraz and about fifty seals sunbathing. It was such a breathtaking moment.



We savored our delicious oysters than hopped to Bubba Gump, where we had a delicious seafood meal. The place was quite packed with a long waiting list, but somehow we managed to get a table in under 2 minutes. Lucky us because we were really hungry!



The Pier was so crowded with people and beautiful restaurants and different little shops, from sweets shops, to Hawaiian pearls shops, to a colorful fun sock shop, it had a little bit of everything. People were shopping, eating and enjoying this beautiful day.



The sun started to set and I began to get really cold, as usual, so we headed back home after a long fun day at the Fisherman’s Wharf to rest and get ready for the most horrible day of the week, Monday!


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