Road Trip Time, From L.A. To Vegas

Hey everyone, I apologize for being away for a little while, but Rob and I were on a small spring vacay. I am always in need of a good fun vacay, aren’t you?

As we love experiencing every little bit of our trips, we decided to skip the plane and go by car to Las Vegas. We got the chance to spend a couple of  days in L.A. as well as having an amazing time during our first US road trip. Lots of laughter, snacks and sleep, for me at least.

We started our L.A. trip of course by a shopping spree in Rodeo Dr. And who doesn’t love that? It was a perfect sunny day to start exploring L.A.


My favorite thing about Rodeo Dr. was a little street right above it, on a tiny little hill, that had lots of jewelry stores, a beautiful gallery and my little secret obsession that I like to call Tiffany’s and Co.


Later on, we hopped to Malibu beach for some delicious seafood and a walk on the beach. We stopped at a fish shack for fresh seafood and a very refreshing beer. The fish were the catch of the day, you pick your own, the way you want it to be cooked and the sides. Simple, easy and tasty.


After lunch, we missed a U-turn and ended up in Malibu Country Mart, it’s a kind of an open air mall with restaurants, cafes, clothing shops and much more. My favorite was a modern installation gallery with lots of cool and colorful pieces. I wish I had a bigger home (more like a mansion) to fit these pieces.


The sun was starting to set, so we hit the beach for walk in the sand.There is something so magically relaxing the waves splashing in the distance and that distinct smell of the ocean.


On our way back we spotted an amusement park, and before we know it we were jumping from one game to another like little kids. We went on the wheel which gave us a great view of Malibu beach and the beautiful sunset. But unfortunately we didn’t win anything *sad face*. I had my first Churro which was filled with calories but Oh My God so tasty and some mouthwatering chocolate pudding ice cream topped with whip cream and a cherry on top.


A couple of hours later, tired and exhausted, we decided it was time to go back to the hotel and rest. But first we stopped at nice little Thai restaurant near our hotel called Gindi Thai, were we had some good Tom Yum soup and a couple of Curry dishes. The food was good, not very authentic but it still tasted good. It was more Thai fusion than Thai. But we still enjoyed the food and the ambiance of the place before we called it quits for a night.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts for the all the fun details of the rest of the trip.



  1. April 16, 2014 / 12:50 pm

    Thai Food Tom yum soup,It look like a trip you will never forget

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