Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas is the city of sun, food, alcohol, gambling and fun. After a long hot drive through the desert, we finally made it to our beautiful hotel. R & I were staying at the gorgeous and massive MGM Grand Hotel. It was really spectacular. The beautiful casino, high end bars, clubs and restaurants, beautiful pools, the numerous shows really makes this hotel one of the best on the strip. You can check it out here: MGM VegasFor the first couple of days R & I attended the NAB show, which was pretty interesting. We got to see the latest in technology, media & advertising sector. NAB ShowNAB VegasAfter the expo ended we spent our mornings in bed, I assure you no-one ever wakes up before 11 in Vegas beside the “serious” gamblers. Must be something in the air, or just all the late nights & fun taking their toll on you… yeah probably that. Then after some dark coffee for R and green tea for me, it was either shopping, discovering the off-the-strip Vegas or sunbathing at the sizzling pools. I honestly was shocked by how big the city of Vegas is, I always imagined it somehow stretched only as far as the strip goes, nothing more. ShoppingVegaspool sidevegasAs for our nights, they were packed with fun, heels (only for me ), foot pain (also only for me ), drinks, laughter and chips. Not potato chips but casino chips! Unfortunately for me, I was applying for a visa so I didn’t have my passport on me, my only legal ID here in the US. So basically I had to sneak my way around the casino tables. Hey! a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do! I am legal though, I promise. Thankfully we are coming back to Vegas in June, so I will be able to enjoy it more freely.

So we hopped from one casino to another, MGM, New York New York ( our lucky roulette table ), Aria, Bellagio, Paris, Caesars, Hollywood Planet, the sleazy and poorly maintained Hooters, LVH, almost every hotel on the strip. VegasWe gambled, lost a bit, won a bit and had a lot of fun. We got invited to few cool parties at Hakkasan, 1 Oak and much more, but I didn’t have my freakin’ ID so of course couldn’t enter. But on the next trip I will definitely have it and be able to party at these very cool & hip lounges.vegasvegas sunsetBefore we knew it,our vegas trip ended so soon. But we are coming back again in June with some friends for some more fun!

Stay tuned for the World of Coca Cola store and the tasting of the Cola from around the world post to see all the different flavors of Coca Cola from all the different countries that I tried.



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