An International Coca Cola Tasting

If you are a Cola fanatic or just like tasting weird drinks, then you must pass by the Everything Coca Cola store next time you are in Las Vegas. It is situated right on the strip next to the MGM.


The 2 story shop has every piece of Coca Cola memorabilia imaginable. From mugs to teddy bears to pens to piggy banks… it’s a Coca-Cola lover’s dream. They also have Fanta scented T-shirts!

Although the store sells cool accessories, most of the people that visit the store go to try the Coca Cola from around the world. It’s basically a tasting of 16 different Coca Cola flavors from 16 countries. Each flavor is the most famous flavor in that country.


The cups come on a numbered tray so you know what you are tasting. I must admit the portions were very generous, especially for the low price. One tray is definitely enough for up to 4 people!


After getting our drinks we were so excited to start the tasting. Some flavors were shocking & unexpected, some were delicious & refreshing, some were meh and some were definitely not to my taste. It had the sweet, the fruity, the sour and the bitter. By far my favorite was Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand. It had a fruity refreshing taste in a very subtle way. As for the least favorite, R & I agreed on Beverly from Italy (so, so bitter…) I love Italian cuisine but apparently not their Cola.


The Coca Cola from around the world was definitely a new and fun thing to try. It is one of the few things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling and partying. Kids and adults alike will love it and will get the chance to try flavors that they will not find anywhere else in the country.

Share your opinion with me if you have been to Everything Coca Cola. I would love to know your thoughts about it. And don’t forget to follow my blog to be the first to know my latest.


Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada
Store hours: 10am – 11pm
Telephone: (702) 270-5952

World Of Coca Cola 


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