A Burmese Lunch In Burlingame

I have always been a big fan of East Asian cuisines. And each time I have the chance to try something new, especially in the culinary field, I don’t pass it up. So after hearing a lot about Mingalaba, ever since we moved here, R & I decided to have our Sunday lunch there. Lucky for us the wait was only around 7 minutes by the time we were there ( 3 pm) , we were told that the wait can be quite a while sometimes.

Mingalaba Menu

The tiny little place situated in downtown Burlingame offers Burmese and Mandarin food. It is like a little China town in a restaurant. Mandarin writing on the wall, Buddha statues, red walls, every little part of the restaurant makes you feel like a foreigner discovering a new Chinese territory.The entire staff was even dressed in traditional clothes.

We started our meal with some delicious drinks. R had coconut milk with Tapioca, as for me, I had a glass of ginger lemonade. Both of them were amazing. I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a refreshing and tasty lemonade before. I am not a big fan of coconut milk but R loved his drink quite a lot.

Ginger Lemonade

As for the meal, both R & I  haven’t had any Burmese/Mandarin food before, so we asked our waitress for recommendations. We had a tea leaf salad, some-kind of Burmese style pancakes, lime noodles and lamb curry. One of the things that really made this visit special is that the salad and noodle ingredients come separate on the plate. Once the plate is served, the waiter mixes everything on your table to make sure you get it as fresh as possible.

The hot pancakes came with two different dipping sauces. From the first bite you become addict to that buttery deliciousness. I am sure it’s full of those nasty calories but I assure you that it’s worth every single little bite.


The salad was definitely an introduction of new flavors for us. I have never had tea leaf paste before, and I frankly enjoyed it. It is a bit of an indescribable flavor you’ll have to try for yourself to know it.


The noodles were sour and delicious. The perfect seasoning to a perfect plate. It almost tasted like a fancy exotic pasta dish.


As for the lamb curry, we found it a bit flat especially in comparison to the previous dishes. The lamb meat itself was perfectly cooked. So tender it almost breaks apart once its in your mouth. But the curry was rather weak.


So obviously after an amazing meal like that, R & I became instant fans of the mouthwatering Burmese/Mandarin cuisine. Mingalaba is definitely a place to visit, it will make you fall in love with an exotic new cuisine.


1213 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA

T: 650-343-3228 / 650-343-5130



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