Play-off Night

Last night was game 7 between the Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers. Both R & I cheer for Golden State (naturally living in the Bay Area), and especially for the super talented Stephen Curry. After some changes of plans we decided to go somewhere where we can have some delicious food while enjoying the game. So we ended up at Pacific Catch in San Mateo. It wasn’t our first time there and the food was just as good as we remember.



The restaurant is almost split in two, the bar side with high tables & screens and a side with more formal booth seating. Their menu is very diverse, with something for every taste. As the name suggests, Pacific Catch is a seafood restaurant that serves a variety of seafood dishes from fish & chips, to generous sushi rolls, to Poke, to coconut shrimps and so on. (There are also a couple non-seafood dishes)


To start with, we got a sampler of fish & chips, coconut shrimps and fried oysters. Yum yum yum. It came with tartar sauce, sweet chili sauce (my all time favorite sauce) and a delicious ‘light on the mayo’ coleslaw. Everything was cooked perfectly. It was crispy enough without drying out the food.


After savoring the sampler we moved to our main dishes. R got the pulled pork sliders and I got the hawaiian rice bowl with the hawaiian Ahi poke.

The pulled pork was juicy and tender. It came in soft hawaiian rolls that gave it a certain sweetness.


As for the rice bowl, the ingredients were delicious. The poke, the grilled pineapple, everything on its own was great. But overall it fell a little flat, as the ingredients were just laid over the rice so when you actually get to the rice it was somewhat flavorless. In my opinion if the ingredients were mixed together more completely it would’ve made it much better.


Pacific Catch is not only delicious but consistent too. It always offers high quality ingredients, affordable prices in generous sized meals. Find your nearest Pacific Catch and give it a try.




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