A Laid Back Night

Thursday nights are a little bit weird. So close to the weekend yet not there quite yet. Going out for drinks when you have work the next day isn’t ideal, lets face it no one wants to see their boss when they’re hungover. Thankfully though, Thursdays are when new movies hit the theaters.

R & I are movie fanatics and luckily we have similar taste (as similar as can be). We have been hearing a lot of positive talk about the new comedy Neighbors, so we decided to catch the 10:30 screening.

But of course, first we gotta eat! I made a reservation at Zen sushi bistro in Millbrae for an 8 o’clock dinner. We made this restaurant our goto sushi place. We have been there quite a few times now and it hasn’t failed to satisfy us with its delicious and generous sushi.


Thursdays are 7$ sushi rolls day, basically every roll is for 7$. So if you decide to try it , I advise you to make a reservation as it gets pretty packed, not only on Thursdays, but on weekends too. Zen sushi bistro is a very modern and hip looking restaurant. The staff is professional, helpful and friendly. The food is fresh, the portions are huge and it’s quite affordable.

We started our meal, of course, with a dozen oysters on the half shell. So delicious and smooth, we devoured them in ecstasy. Oysters are by far the sexiest food there is. And the best ( for me at least).



After the oysters, our rolls arrived. We had snow crab, shrimp, unagi, tuna and salmon rolls. Each one was as good as the others. It was so hard to pick a favorite.



Though I have to say my least favorite was the snow crab with the avocado tempura, it isn’t bad but compared to the other rolls it was a little bit vapid.

Nonetheless we gobbled the sushi to the last piece while sharing our day. We managed to snap some photos between the rolls, while giggling like teenagers.

The West Coast Explorer

We left Zen sushi bistro at around 9:30 extremely full and satisfied. It was too early to go to the movies yet. So we grabbed a cup of tea in Burlingame and I managed to get a quick photo-shoot from R. Lucky me I know! After all, he is a great photographer and I gotta benefit from his talent! Check his amazing work on BlackSmith Photography.

The West Coast Explorer



A few pictures later we headed to Cinemark theaters in Redwood city to catch our movie. Popcorn in one hand a soda in the other I was ready for a session of laughter.

Neighbors was hilarious, witty and silly with a lot of great comedy scenes. Definitely the best comedy movie this year so far. It is around an an hour and half of non stop laughter. It is always good to end the day in giggles.

Zen Sushi Bistro

420 Broadway,

Millbrae, CA 94030

(650) 697-9988

As for my outfit, I am wearing a Calvin Klein leather jacket, Converse shoes and here’s a similar dress.


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