Maple Syrup Land – Part I

I know I have been a bad girl all throughout last week. Not posting updates about my travels, even though I promised myself to post regularly during my trip. Somehow, magically, I got disconnected (by choice) from the internet. For a whole six days I didn’t use my laptop, and to be honest, I didn’t even miss it! Well, maybe just a bit…

Anyway let me fill you in on what happened last week. R & I traveled to Canada as you might know, to meet family and friends, and have R show me around the country he grew up in. As we landed in Toronto, we immediately were greeted by the rain, gloom and cold weather. What’s up with that Canada? But that didn’t stop us from having a blast there!

The first day, after spending some much needed quality time with family members we headed to downtown Toronto. We walked around and had some Tim Hortons coffee and my favorite “timbits”! Your Canada experience isn’t really fulfilled until you have Tim Horton’s coffee (or as R calls it mud…) Downtown Toronto was beautiful and crowded with all types of people. High towers surrounding you is humbling in such a big city.



At 7 o’clock I went to my first ever baseball game. The Toronto Blue Jays were playing against the Cleveland Indians. I don’t understand much about baseball, but I was enjoying the whole baseball experience. Peanuts and beer! I had some difficulty throwing the shells on the ground at first, but eventually I gave up and just did it! After three and half long, and a little boring, hours the game was over and the Blue Jays won!




By that time we were hungry and it was getting pretty late. R’s brother and his girlfriend were our guides for the night. They suggested Korean Grill House. Luckily we caught it 45 minutes before closing. Thinking about it now, it probably wasn’t such a good idea as you need more than that to eat a proper dinner.


For a fixed price you get unlimited raw meat to cook. Yup, you grill it yourself! How cool is that? On each table, there is a grill in the middle, so that you can cook your food as you like it: medium, rare, medium rare… You are the chef. Perfect place for a cute and unique dinner date.


We had beef, pork, chicken, and pork sausage. The beef and pork were by far my favorite, very juicy (very fatty) and tender. The chicken was savory too, but not quite as good. As for the sausage it was as flat as Toronto (that’s pretty flat). No flavor what so ever and the seasoning was flavorless. We only had a piece each before choosing to overdose on the other meats instead.


It was a perfect way to end the first day in Toronto. We went back home and rested after a long, tiring and fun filled day. Stay tuned to hear about how we partied with Dinosaurs later on our trip… Yes Dinosaurs!


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  1. R
    May 23, 2014 / 10:33 am

    Loved it!


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