Maple Syrup Land – Part II – Dancing With The Dinosaurs

Day two in Canada was a Friday. We woke up pretty late and immediately headed to down town. As we were walking around we stumbled upon a hot dog kiosk that smelled heavenly & delicious. It was around lunch time, so obviously, we had to have a small nibble.

Canada       Toronto

Italian spicy sausage wrapped in a delicious bun and topped with german mustard, onions, pickles and ketchup was our choice. R & I devoured it in seconds. So juicy and bursting with flavor, it was a sweet, guilty pleasure.

Street Food Street Food Street Food

We continued our stroll in the beautiful streets of Toronto, snapping pictures and getting to know the city. We walked around for hours and got really hungry around 4. Hot Dogs didn’t really do much to keep us full till dinner. So G & D (R’s brother and his girlfriend) took us to an exquisite Mexican place called La Carnita.

The West Coast Explorer

The restaurant offers what I like to call “modern fusion Mexican cuisine”. The same concept of Mexican food but done with new ingredients in a extremely unique way. Not only is their food menu distinct, but so is their drinks section. They have a variety of signature drinks that compliment the food they offer. Unfortunately they weren’t to my taste. I ended up drinking just a beer.

The West Coast Explorer

We started with some chips and three different salsas. A delicious guacamole, corn salsa, which is my personal favorite (let’s face it everything with corn is my favorite), and serrano & cashew bean dip. The chips were fresh & crispy and the salsas were tangy and extremely flavorful.

As we were eating the last of the chips, our tacos arrived. Ox tail, beef cheek, cod, ceviche and artichoke heart tacos were spread out on our table, and looking mouthwatering!

The West Coast Explorer

The tacos were presented in such an appealing and elegant way. The meats were cooked impeccably, so juicy & crisp, they were topped with the freshest ingredients. Some chose ox tail as their favorite. As for me, even though I fell in love with the flavors of the ox tail and beef cheek, my favorite was the ceviche. A good raw ceviche is always my number one choice, specially if it is in a taco and it’s done so perfectly.

The West Coast Explorer

The West Coast Explorer

After we polished off our plates, we couldn’t resist trying their in house ice cream. As we were pretty full from the tacos we decided to share a lemon cheesecake and a peanut butter chocolate popsicle. The ice cream melted with a tidal wave of flavors leaving a sweet taste in our mouths, as we left La Carnita to go back home and change for a night out.

The West Coast Explorer

The Royal Ontario Museum, or ROM, hosts from May to June parties inside the museum. For a few bucks you get to party with dinosaurs and explore most parts of the museum at night.

The West Coast Explorer

By the time we arrived the place was packed with people of all ages, some in jeans other in gowns. The music was bursting loudly all around the different exhibits, with live performances from different DJs in each room. Bars were scattered all over the museum alongside various food kiosks, a manicure station, Ford photo booth and other fun activities.

ROM Toronto

3 6

With drinks in hands, we walked around the museum, from exhibit to exhibit, enjoying what each has to offer. From world cultures to natural history, we were impressed by them all. The “gems & gold” room was the one I liked most. It’s astonishing how these beautiful shapes and colors are naturally made.

4 5

After exploring all the rooms, we headed back to the main party next to the entrance where we partied away the night alongside the dinosaurs. People were having a blast, enjoying the great music while busting out some impressive moves (some of them at least).

ROM Toronto

ROM Toronto

It was a truly magical and unique night full of fun, laughter and learning about nature and different cultures. We had our own night at the museum and it was unforgettable!


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