Maple Syrup Land – Part III – Niagara Falls

Before we left California, R booked a night in niagara falls just for the two of us. So naturally, we drove to falls, wishing the rain would stop and the temperature would rise. But that didn’t happen… I was wrapped up in sweaters and still freezing as we walked towards the falls. The sidewalk overlooking the horseshoe was crowded with tourists from around the world taking pictures and enjoying the epicness of this natural wonder.

Niagara Falls

A few pictures later, I was ready to escape the cold into the warmth of our beautiful hotel room (it had a Jacuzzi open to the bed!) overlooking the city. A 10 minute power nap, I quickly changed my outfit into something more dressy and was ready for a night of food and fun!

Niagara Falls Niagara Falls

After meeting R’s cousin and his wife for a quick drink, we were ready for our dinner. We had reservations at Brasa Brazilian steakhouse after recommendations from practically anyone that knew we were in Niagara. Brasa offers traditional Churrasco (that’s Brazilian for barbecue) in a very elegant atmosphere.

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse Niagara Falls

By sheer luck, we got a window table that was overlooking the city. After piling our plates with various salads, pickles and cheeses, the meats started to roll in. Twelve kinds of meats were put on our plate for us to savor, and we tried them all. Waiters with huge skewers were moving throughout the many rooms of the restaurant, serving freshly cut slices of meat directly to dinner’s plates. From beef, to lamb, to pork, to chicken, it was a meat-lover’s dream.

The meats were grilled perfectly, leaving them soft, juicy & tender. Each choice was seasoned differently than the others, for a beautiful flavor medley for your mouth. The one I enjoyed most was, without a doubt, the top sirloin. Medium rare, just the way I like it, it melted in my mouth so easily. The meat’s flavor alone was exquisite, showing the great quality of the natural ingredients. And definitely I can’t forget to mention the grilled pineapple that I couldn’t get enough of. I paired it with various cuts, giving them a certain sweetness and sourness at the same time. It worked perfectly! 

Unfortunately, not all of the choices were perfect. The pork sausages were so flat flavored that I decided not to waste tummy space on them. The chicken was heavily seasoned in garlic, you could smell it from a mile away.

We sipped our wine to the last drops as we enjoyed a night “tête-à-tête” in yet another country. After we finished our meal, we passed by the Niagara Casino, for some light gambling. The venue was absolutely overloaded with flashy and noisy machines, keeping little space for people to walk through. Some were playing for fun and some were more serious. Overall, like a lighter version of Vegas, without all the glitz and glamour.

We gambled little, lost a little, and decided to go back to our room and enjoy our jacuzzi!

Early the next day, we made a quick border cross to buffalo and back. Before heading back to Mississauga (just outside Toronto) to spent the night at my cousin’s home, we had a little wine tour at Niagara on the lake.

We only had very little time so we decided to go for the best. We started with Ravine Vineyard, a beautiful little winery so cosy and welcoming. We made our way to the tasting area, where we had some delicious white wines.

Ravine Vineyard Ravine Vineyard

Completely accidentally we ended up in a stunning underground room, for private tastings and parties, a hidden gem. Thinking of having a kick-ass small party in Niagara? That’s the place to do it! The room is very rustic & chic. A big simple wooden table was sitting in the middle surrounded by huge wine barrels. We managed to snap some pictures before going back to the tasting.

Ravine Vineyard Ravine Vineyard

Our next stop was Chateau De Charme, no other name would do justice to this place full of “charme”. The vineyards border the big and stunning castle in such a beautiful way. When you enter the chateau itself, a big hall welcomes you and leads to the tasting room. On the bar, we tasted some of their award winning wines. Even though I don’t really like icewine (a sweet natural wine), by the time I tasted their 2009 Savagnin Icewine, I was asking for more. Not the typical Icewine, very balanced and fruity, it had definitely changed my opinion about icewines in general. Additionally, their white sparkling wine, so fruity and refreshing, is one of their best creations in my opinion.

Chateau De Charme Chateau De Charme Chateau De Charme Chateau De Charme Chateau De Charme

We wrapped up our trip to Niagara with some delicious wine and headed back to Toronto where we spent our last couple of days in Canada with family. A beautiful barbecue party was thrown for us on our last day there. It was filled with laughter, amazing food and great memories.

See you again soon Canada!

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