Movie And Dinner Date

Both R & I were waiting impatiently for the release of ” Maleficent” the last couple of months. The trailers looked wicked and we were eager to see the amazing Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. But before the movie, it was just the two of us, in an adorable little indian restaurant right across from the movie theatre having a delicious dinner just before the film.


After an outstanding meal a couple of weeks ago at Broadway Masala, here we were again for the second time. Broadway Masala, combines between authentic Indian food and fusion cuisine. On our last visit we had a great pulled lamb phulka taco (a taco with an indian touch, truly mouthwatering…) that I highly recommend trying.

Broadway Masala Broadway Masala Broadway Masala Broadway Masala Broadway Masala


This time we started with the Masala fish fingers. The indian taste was hidden underneath the fried batter, which was a bit disappointing. As soon as we finished the appetizers, our entrées arrived; truffle oil chicken tikka, scallop and shrimp molee, and garlic & cilantro Naan.

Broadway Masala Broadway Masala

The garlic & cilantro naan was very rich in flavor and so warm, perfect for dipping in the curry of your choice. The chicken tikka was as juicy as a steak! Perfectly seasoned, it exploded with a melody of exotic spices and aromas.

Broadway Masala SONY Broadway Masala

As for the scallop and shrimp molee, well, there is no words to describe it. The curry sauce was the best Indian curry sauce I have ever had, no doubt about it. The scallops superbly cooked and the shrimps were large and succulent. The dish was perfectly balanced, making it an outstanding choice!

Broadway Masala Broadway Masala Broadway Masala

We finished our delicious dinner and headed to the theatre to watch the movie. The line up was long, but thankfully we managed to get great seats! Maleficent is such a visually beautiful and perfectly executed movie. Angeline Jolie was breathtaking in the role she was made for. A definite must see movie for all ages.

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