Strolling Through The Streets Of Burlingame

Today was a beautiful sunny & warm day in Burlingame, California. A perfect weather for a laid back Sunday if you ask me. The sun was shinning bright in clear blue sky, there is no way we were gonna stay home today!

So, I wear my favorite flirty skirt and a pair of flower-patterned ballerinas, hair up high in a bun, sunnies on, I was ready for a “promenade” in the splendid streets of Burlingame.

The West Coast ExplorerThe West Coast ExplorerThe West Coast Explorer

R & I had some little work to do, so we grabbed our laptops and headed to a coffee shop near by. One of the things that I like about this street is that all the restaurants and coffee shops have outside seating, right on the side-walk, a la cafe trottoire style. It allows you to enjoy the weather and to socialize with the people passing by.

The West Coast Explorer

After we sipped our drinks (black coffee for him and a green tea for me of course) we started to get hungry at around 2. Last night was a friend’s birthday dinner at an excellent Brazilian churrasco restaurant in San Mateo called Espetus, and we ate a little too much. We were self conscious about all the calories we consumed yesterday, so we decided to have a lighter lunch (as we are having a heavy-ish dinner tonight too, Indian food while watching GOT!).

I was in the mood for some nostalgic Mediterranean food, and luckily one of the best Mediterranean food in town (according to Yelp) was Sahara that is conveniently located on the same street. So we packed our laptop and walked to the restaurant, located at the edge of Broadway street.

We were so thrilled to know that they have Lebanon’s best beer, Almaza. We ordered a couple cold bottles to drink with our meal. Ahhhh…They were perfect! Icy cold and refreshing, ideal for a hot day like this. As we weren’t gonna have a heavy lunch, we ordered the mezze sampler and a Lahmajin (it’s a kind of meat pizza but more lebanese style) to share.

Sahara Restaurant

Sahara Restaurant

The mezze sampler had two dolmas, two falafel pieces, babaghanouj, hummus and tabbouli. Everything was tasty, specially the babaghanouj and the falafels. On the other hand, the tabbouli was super flat. It was basically all parsley, very few tomatoes and onions, and in my opinion it could use a lot more oil and lemon.

Sahara Restaurant

The Lahmajin was very good, not as good as those back home, but still we enjoyed it quite a lot.

Sahara Restaurant Sahara Restaurant Sahara Restaurant

So we finished our lunch, had another cup of coffee and headed back home for an exiting night of Game Of Thrones and some amazing indian curry!

I hope everyone enjoyed their week-end, like I did. I wish you all a great week ahead and don’t forget to follow me by email!


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