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G’s girlfriend, D, is visiting us for a couple of days, before we go all together on a Vegas trip. It’s her first time visiting San Francisco,so we wanted her to see as much of possible of the area in the limited time she has here.

We had a lot of places to see and many things to do. So, as soon as she landed, we picked her up and drove down to San Jose. R & G had some work to do there, so they drop us in down town San Jose, as they went to their meetings. There is something quite charming about the streets in down town San Jose. Maybe it’s the architecture or the greenery everywhere that gives that area it’s beautiful allure. As you stroll down the streets, passing by the high end stores and boutiques on both sides of the road, you can’t help but feel the resemblance to Rodeo Drive (on a much smaller scale of course).


After some window shopping, D & I, had a drink in one of the many restaurants/bars that are located literally in the middle of the road. See the road is split in two by a number of parks, ice cream stores, restaurants and bars beautifully located between the trees in the middle of the street.Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 3.55.04 PM

R & G picked us, a few hours later, just in time for dinner. G got hooked on the sushi in our favorite place, Zen Sushi Bistro, and wanted little miss D to try it. And like everyone else, she did and she absolutely loved it. I am telling you, it’s some really good sushi!

The next two days, it was San Francisco time! We started of course with the Golden Gate bridge. We stopped right after we crossed it and snapped some pictures as the wind was blowing our hair. Then it was time to visit a cute little town called Sausalito. Sausalito is basically the Hampton of San Francisco. It is where the rich people go spend their week ends in one of the gorgeous villas.

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco

San Francisco

As we were walking by the pier, we spotted Salito, a seafood restaurant overlooking the bay, and we decided to give it a try. Luckily our table was on the edge of the restaurant, right on the water. Salito's Salito's Salito's Salito's Salito's

We were getting pretty hungry, when we glimpsed our food coming toward us looking extremely appetizing. R and I split a crab sandwich and fish & chips, G also got the fish & chips and D got the pasta crab Alfredo.

The food was so great that we devoured it in silence! Every bite was an explosion of flavors in our mouth. The crab sandwich is one of the best I ever had, but next time I will definitely order it without celery. As for the fish & chips, it was no ordinary fish & chips. The chips were small potatoes baked and glazed with a sweet sauce (my guess is honey). It was a pretty unusual taste, but it was very tasty, specially if you like to mix sweet flavors with your food. The fish was very brown on the outside but exceptionally white on the inside. The outside was crispy and the inside was juicy and tender.

Salito's Salito's Salito's

We sipped the last sips of our drinks then we headed to Pacifica and Half moon bay. One of the most beautiful thing to do is to drive along the coast of the pacific, car top down, enjoying the breeze of the ocean and the amazing views of the waves crashing on the shore.

Few hours later, we went to San Mateo where we showed D around then concluded our day with a light dinner at Pacific Catch.

The next day, we decided to spent the day at the fisherman’s wharf of San Francisco. As we were parked we were greeted by a number of people on bicycles completely naked driving around the city! That’s something that will make your visit memorable! Recovered from the shock, we walked around the busy pier 39. We stopped to watch the seals sunbathing in the sun, before we had a clam chowder and a salad at one of the many restaurants in the pier.


As we were getting a little tired, we all agreed that caffeine was needed. So we headed to coffee shop in union square. A coffee in a hand, we walked around the streets of Union Square for more exploration.

The sun was starting to set, and it was already time for supper, how did time fly by so quickly? We already planned to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. D heard about the shark in the water drink and wanted to have one herself.  As for the rest of us, a light corona was our choice to pare with the heavy but  tasty food.

Each couple shared a bucket of steamed and seasoned seafood. The buckets came full with different types of seafood according which bucket you choose. The food was messy, it’s definitely not the place to take a girl on the first date. But for me, I found a pleasure of working for my food.


It wasn’t long before we finished everything on the table as the food was finger-licking delicious!

It was pretty late when we finished our meal, we decided to call the night off and head back home.

Stay tuned for my trip to the East Coast.



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