Cuban – Arabic – Italian Night

Last Friday, I wanted to go out somewhere new, me & R, for dinner. But I didn’t feel like just going out to eat, I wanted to go somewhere where we can also have fun. So after some research, I booked us a table at Peña Pachamama for the Cuban & World Music Night show.

At 8 pm sharp, we got there, just as the band was starting to perform. To our shock, a member of the band is originally Lebanese, like us. And the Cuban & World Music Night ended up being a beautiful fusion of Cuban and Arabic music.

Peña Pachamama

We started the night sipping one of the best Sangrias I have ever had, really, while nibbling on some sort of potatoes covered with melted cheese. Yum Yum! It was exquisite indeed!

Peña Pachamama Peña Pachamama

Then all of the sudden, the band started singing some arabic songs while a belly dancer whisked us away with her mesmerizing moves. Everyone was smiling,  some moving around in their seats to the beautiful melodies that were being played, while others hit the dance floor moving their bodies to the music, enjoying the night.

Peña Pachamama Peña Pachamama

Everyone was happy and having a pleasant time, which made the wait for the food more tolerable. The music was great but we were getting quite hungry, as we have ordered a while ago. The food came looking succulent for vegetarian food. See when I booked there, I was so excited to see the show that I didn’t really pay attention to their menu (something that I don’t usually do). So we were a bit shocked to see the menu was only vegetarian, but after the surprisingly delicious appetizer we were eager to see what the entrees had to offer.

After a long wait, and while we were still enjoying the ambiance and the vibe of the place, our food hit the table. We had the Bolivian style Portapancho which is a portobello mushroom with rice and theVegan Chef’s Plate, yuca, quinoa, guacamole and kale chips. After few bites, both R & I, were pretty sure that we can never be vegetarians. See, as Lebanese, meat is a extremely crucial in our cuisine, even though we have a lot of vegetarian dishes.

SONY DSCPeña Pachamama Peña Pachamama

While the atmosphere was great, the food not so much according to R, as for me, not at all. It was lacking of flavor, and everything tasted as if I was on a very strict diet.

As the band wrapped up their set, we payed the bill and went out on a walk to find a good desert. Thankfully we were in little Italy, which made our search pretty easy! We randomly stopped at Mara’s Italian bakery for some cannoli! After the disappointment of Carlo’s bakery ‘s cannoli in Las Vegas, I was craving some good cannoli. We entered the tiny bakery stuffed with a million different deliciously looking things, and got in line as it was so crowded (always a sign of good food btw). We ordered a lemon cannoli, a tiramisu and an Amaretti.

Little Italy SF Little Italy SF Little Italy SF Little Italy SF Little Italy SF Little Italy SF

Everything tasted so darn good, the cannolo with its crispy shell and sweet and zesty filling, the tiramisu with it’s hint of liqueur and the touch of cocoa. Those Italians surely know how to make us go yum, I am talking about the desert here ladies! You can immediately tell that the place is authentic as all you can hear around you while eating those little pieces of heaven is Italian language. The locals always go to the authentic places, remember that.We savored our desert and then jumped to a nearby place to have some gelato while walking around the charming streets of Little Italy.

Little Italy is such a beautiful and alluring section in San Francisco, do visit it when you have the chance, I know I will be going there soon again.


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