First Dinner Of 2015

Happy new year everyone! It’s finally 2015! 2014 was one of the greatest year so far and I hope 2015 will be even greater for everyone.

New year’s eve in San Francisco was extremely cold (compared to San Francisco’s weather not Canada’s), so R & I cancelled our bar hoping idea and invited a couple of friends over to celebrate the new year in the warmth!

As everyone knows, new year day is a holiday and everything is closed that day! Thankfully though, one of the best rated  sushi restaurants on yelp, in the bay area was open for business. So R & I were ecstatic to start the year with a delicious meal!

As we entered Amami sushi the smell of truffle was somewhat overwhelming. I know what you are thinking, why was there a truffle smell in a sushi restaurant? well, Amami offers some sushi pieces with a drizzle of truffle oil! As I had a very bad experience with truffles, I sniffed one truffle not long ago and dear God, the smell was rancid. Since then I can’t eat anything that has truffle in it. So obviously, we skipped the truffle pieces and opted for the more traditional ones.

After a little wait, we were seated at the bar, overlooking the chefs in motion. Perfect place to eye every plate going out to the tables (and silently drool in your place). Each and every one looked ridiculously mouthwatering! The fresh fish in vibrant colors plated so elegantly were a torture to look at. The restaurant is a bit tiny and was very busy on Thursday. We had to wait a while before our food started to arrive while being teased by the food being prepared in front of us!


We started the meal with a grilled squid. If cooked properly, grilled squid is absolutely delicious. And this one was one of the best ones I had. The taste of the open flames mixed with the citrusy zing of the lemon was a perfect combo!


As entrees, we had a few nigiri pieces and 3 rolls, salmon skin, soft shell and a spicy tuna roll. The food looked so good, I had to snap quickly some pictures before we quickly devoured them. Even if you are full looking at those plate will definitely make you go hungry right?

The nigiri pieces were utterly amazing! The fish was so fresh you could drop in in water and it will swim again!


What I liked most about them, was the fact that the actual fish pieces were huge and the rice portion was fewer than I am used to. So you can really taste the fish and not have a mouth full of rice and little fish.SONY DSC

As for the rolls the salmon skin was definitely the best one I have had so far. Usually, the salmon skin roll, is basically salmon skin with cucumber and maybe avocado. At Amami sushi, they leave pieces of fish on the skin when they fry it, make it even more delicious and less dry than the others.

The tuna roll was really good and spicy, as for the soft shell crab roll we didn’t fancy it that much. Maybe if the crab was hot, it would have tasted better, maybe… But it looked super cute, mini pink heart shaped sushi! SONY DSC

Amami is a great sushi restaurant for sashimi and nigiri. They use the freshest ingredients and it definitely shows in every bite you take! As for the rolls, don’t expect anything crazy, it’s straight to the point and most of them tastes delicious. We will definitely come aback again and continue exploring their menu.

My arm candy of the night were two pieces handmade by me. I am working on a new hand made vintage jewelry project that I will hopefully be able soon to share with you.


Next week I will be visiting Las Vegas for about 8 days so be ready for some fabulous Vegas posts!



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