Crêpes and Tea

Coming from Lebanon, I am a big fan of tea. We usually sip our black tea with some sugar or pick one of the many different types of herbal tea that we have. But lately, I have been having a beautiful affair with my green tea.

We’ve all been reading everywhere about the many benefits of green tea in specific, and how it is really good for our body and metabolism. Add a teaspoon of organic honey to it and a squeeze of lemon and you got your self a delicious healthy drink to start your day or to sip at tea time. Late at night I tend to stay away from it as it has caffeine and opt for a cup of peppermint herbal tea instead.

I have been in the San Francisco bay area for a year now, and still discovering new places and things to do every single day. One of my recent discoveries is a very cute cafe, Never Too Latte. Not only the place is super cozy but their deserts are deadly!

Never Too Latte

R & I stumbled upon the place by mistake, as we were strolling in San Bruno, and couldn’t resist the name! We had to enter and try it! Even though we ended up not having a latte, the name of the place and it’s charm were irresistible.

The place isn’t exactly posh, but it has a certain warm homy feeling about it. A few tables are spread in the front side of the restaurant, facing the big windows. And in another area, in the back, there are a couple of big sofas, kinda reminding you of your grandma’s living room. Gotta love it!


The menu was very versatile, specially their drinks section. But as we (by we I mean me) decided on having a very heavy and extremely delicious Nutella, strawberries, banana and cream crepe, we settled for less sugary drinks and had breakfast tea instead.


I instantly fell in love with the big red mugs.


Oh Did I mention each one of their speciality drinks come in a very specific and beautiful cup?! Gotta find their mug dealer!


The Crepe was as good as it gets, the tea was perfectly hot and the company was the best you can ask for. As I ate most of the crepe, R watched me while sipping his tea and trying to figure out a way to get a nibble of it.


We spent that afternoon, looking out the beautiful big windows, watching people passing by and enjoying the beautiful sunny California.

SONY DSCNext time I will definitely try one of their special drinks, only if I find a way to stay away from the crepe. Maybe I’ll have a slice of cheesecake instead, I bet it’s healthier!


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