Throwback To Thailand

About 3 years ago R & I took a trip to Thailand. Thinking it was only a vacation, that trip turned to be the best ever. R proposed to me on the top of a beautiful temple, next to a huge Buddha statue, overlooking the ocean. For that reason and more Thailand will forever have a special place in my heart.

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We spent the first 3 days of our trip in the chaotic & beautiful Bangkok. Have you ever watched the Hangover? Well Bangkok is even crazier than shown in that movie, if you can believe that.

Later, we took a plane, a high speed boat and a van to arrive to our second destination, a little paradise in an island called Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a tiny little island in southern Thailand, that isn’t as touristy as Phuket but just as beautiful, if not more.


Our hotel felt like we were in a jungle surrounded by gorgeous crystal clear ocean and warm golden sands. Waking up to that view everyday was a true blessing.

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We spent our days discovering the island on a scooter, then stoping for delicious and yet super cheap extravagant lunches somewhere along the beach. We would take a dip in the ocean then get a mind blowing massage for 3$ right there on the beach.


As you tan, vendors pass by selling the most mouthwatering and freshest fruits ever. From watermelon to coconut to mango and just about every exotic fruit you can imagine. All the juices freshly squeezed and everything comes chilled.

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We even went snorkeling one day. It’s something that you just have to do if you visit Thailand. We swam between hundreds of fishes, amazed and excited to be so up close and personal with such beautiful creatures. R & I had our GoPro with us so we were able to film amazing footage under water. And got the chance to ride an elephant! 

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On our last day there, we stumbled upon, by random chance one of the Sunday markets. The vendors set up their kiosks and tents in just about 10 minutes and out of nowhere a market materialized.



Food stands were everywhere selling the tastiest food ever. There were barbecued skewers of octopus, chicken legs, pork, and other meats and seafood, little balls of sweets covered in coconut and even things we had never seen. Everything smelled heavenly, looked succulent and tasted delicious.


There were hundreds of vendors selling beautiful and vibrant clothes. I bought myself and my little cousins matching silk kimonos. Also, a few people were selling amazing hand made jewelry made from fresh water pearls farmed locally! R bought me the most gorgeous black pearl set as a gift.


At night in Koh Samui, there is a famous street called Chaweng, where a lot of restaurants and bars are located. There is even an “ice bar”, believe it or not where everything was made from ice! Even the chairs stools and bar. I have to admit it was rather strange to be wearing a coat and freezing in the middle of a tropical island.

IMG_7520 IMG_7522

As for the restaurants there, they serve the best seafood you’ll ever try. If you’re a fan of giant oysters, shrimps, crab, jumbo lobster or any type of fish you can imagine Chaweng is the place. And everything is super affordable. A dinner for two fit for royalty with alcohol comes out to around 30$!

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Leaving was a hard thing to do, if it were up to me I would be posting this from Koh Samui.



  1. March 14, 2015 / 10:57 am

    Sounds and looks amazing, I will have to put Thailand on my places to go!!

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