St Patrick’s Day Parade

On Saturday, San Francisco hosted one of the biggest St Patrick’s day parades in the US with more than 100,000 attendees.

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Although R & I weren’t wearing traditional St. Patty’s day green (real rebels I know) by the end of the day we were covered in green beads given to us by the people off the parade floats.


Almost each float that passed by was handing out beads, candy and other fun items.


The parade was insane! Marching bands, dancing school demonstrations, police / fire departments, theatre worker unions and elderly hippies playing weird and unsynchronized instruments… this parade had it all! And you cant forget the Irish community and the Leprechauns strolling down the streets with beers in hand!

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The mounted police unit had a special appearance too. Those horses had a better hair than I did!

20150314_122833  20150314_120521

The San Francisco vintage car community ended the parade with a showcase of their best! Some of the more gorgeous cars are more than 50 years old and still look better than any car from this year. I particularly loved the mint colored one.

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The parade was beautiful and the vibe was amazing. Walking around the city later that day, all you can see is green shirts everywhere and people wearing tons of green beads around their necks looking for the perfect place for a green beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s day!

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