Picnic Made Easy

Disclaimer: This post is my genuine opinion about Mise. Everything I say is honest. I haven’t been paid to write this post, but I have been sent the food for free to try it out. 


Summer is almost over, and we’re all sobbing I know… But, before the sun leaves us and the rain overwhelms our days, I decided to enjoy a small picnic with R (who was camera shy that day) to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible and enjoy a meal outdoors.


Mise is a new food service that delivers fresh meals, prepared by the best chefs in the Bay Area, right to your doors . The creators of Mise were generous enough to send me a free meal in order to sample their food and get to know what their company’s all about.


So I heated the food, prepared my picnic basket and went on the hunt for the perfect picnic spot. Checkered blanket spread wide on the grass, it was time to eat!


The meal consisted of Chef Ira’s classic Italian chicken braciole with pasta and two desserts! The chicken is stuffed with parmesan, asiago, garlic & herbs… You can start drooling now. Super tasty and just extremely fresh. Even though it’s pasta and cheese, it’s light on the stomach and won’t leave you feeling overstuffed.

The first dessert was a divine chocolate cake with blueberries and the second was a mouthwatering apple tarte tatin. If I had to pick a favorite between them, it would definitely be the chocolate cake, even though this picture doesn’t do it justice … I mean it’s chocolate!


It was such a perfect sunny day, the food was amazing and the weather was absolutely perfect. We finished our meal, sipped on some fruit flavored water and relaxed for a couple of hours.

If you’re in San Francisco Bay Area, check out Mise’s Website and try their delicious and fresh food. It’s super easy, tasty and hassle free. The perfect combo!

Picnic basket details here.

Dress similar here & here.

Glasses Ray Ban.



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