Bummer Of The Week – Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Giant Peach

If you’ve read my August Favorite you know that I mentioned the Sally Hansen Hard As Nail nail polishes in the list. Back then, I bought 2 colors; the Royal Hue & The Giant Peach. Even though the Royal hue absolutely stole my heart, at that time I hadn’t tried the Giant Peach yet. But I thought, hey I already love 2 others from that line (Royal Hue & Fuchsia Power ), this one should be good too! (Silly, silly me!)


Well it’s not. Not at all! It’s a actually not good. It’s streaky and somehow feels as if it’s a different formula. Even with two layers, the streakiness is VERY obvious. It’s kinda sad because the color is absolutely gorgeous, really breaks my heart.


Giant Peach?! More like a Giant Disappointment!


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  1. September 13, 2015 / 12:01 pm

    What a shame, this looks so pretty in the bottle!

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