Summer Isn’t Over Yet

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It was very hot last weekend in San Francisco. After a few days of barely seeing the sun, summer came back, letting us it’s not over yet… And I couldn’t be happier!



So on Saturday, R & I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We didn’t have any plans so we winged it!

First, we went out for lunch at Jeffery’s burger for some delicious food. We booth ended up building our own burger.


I ordered mine with mushrooms and toped it of with onions, jalapeños and some lettuce.


After our meal we decided to watch Johnny Depp’s new movie “Black Mass”. We had some spare time on our hands, so we stopped for a cup of coffee at Philz coffee shop. R reading on his Kindle and me the good old fashioned way. We sipped our coffee as we were both taken away by the books we were reading. I was reading “The Girl On The Train” and it’s amazing!


This book will keep you on the edge of your seat (if it’s not obvious from my eyes expression in the picture above!).

After we finished the movie (which was really good!), we decided to head to the city and get some drinks at Tonga Room in San Francisco. It’s a tikki bar that we have been wanting to try for a while!

Tonga is located in the beautiful Fairmont hotel, in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Francisco (Nob Hill). Passing through the lobby, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of quick snaps. I mean, look how gorgeous this hotel is!SONY DSC SONY DSC

There was a lounge area in the lobby with a pianist playing beautiful tunes.


When we finally made it the tikki bar, it was very crowded and there was a little wait. About 20 minutes later, we managed to get ourselves a place in the bar area. The place makes you feel like you’re on the set of the pirates of the Caribbean!


There was even a pool in the middle of the restaurant and a moving boat with the band playing on board!


We ordered a couple of exotic drinks and sipped them away while moving to the music! We met some amazing people there. Everyone was happy and everyone was mingling with everyone. It was like a big party!


A few hours & drinks later, we were nicely buzzed care of the great drinks & music. Before we went home we made one final stop to eat some delicious tacos. Nothing better than tacos to soak up the alcohol from your body!SONY DSC

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Stay tuned!







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