R ‘s Pre – Birthday Surprises

Because R’s birthday is today (a Monday = work day) I decided to plan some surprises on Saturday as early birthday celebrations.

I kept everything a secret (or at least tried), and drove for almost 2hrs without letting him know our destination. We finally arrived at beautiful Tomales Bay, where we were supposed to go on a 2hr kayaking and otter sighting. Unfortunately, we were greeted by apologetic employees telling us that it’s too windy and unsafe for kayaking today… What a bummer! I tried to plead that it was R’s birthday and everything, but safety comes first.


Not letting that ruin our day, we decided to go to Tomales Bay Oyster Co. instead, for some oyster shucking on the shore and some fun in the sun. Tomales Bay Oyster Co. has a beautiful open area right on the shore, where you can buy fresh oysters (and usually you bring some more food with you if, unlike us, you came prepared) and eat them on one of the many picnic tables available.




It was good luck we ended up there, because as we found out the next day was actually going to be the last day that the picnic area was ever going to open. So we bought some fresh oysters and found a spot right on the shore to sit and enjoy them. R shucked those delicious oysters for us, as I was taking pictures. We spent a couple hours eating fresh oysters and enjoying the beauty of the day.



We had a couple of hours to kill before dinner and the next surprise, so we drove for almost an hour to Sonoma. Along the way, we made a pit stop in Petaluma for some yummy Lavender ice cream.


In Sonoma, we chilled in our favorite coffee spot for a cup of hot latte before we went for a delicious dinner at Oso.


The small restaurant was almost completely full by the time we got there, but thankfully we managed to get a table. We ordered some really good drinks to start with. R got a dark lager and I got a delicious Sake Sangria. Then, it was time to eat!

We started our meal with their famously mind blowing deviled eggs with crab. It was by far the most amazing deviled eggs I’ve ever had, and overall the highlight of the meal. So fluffy and the flavors were exceptionally balanced. They’re a must if you ever visit Oso.


The second starter was the grilled bread with marinated mushrooms, ricotta, arugula, red wine braised onions. It was an extremely tasty dish. The assorted marinated mushrooms were so good, I can still taste them in my mouth.


As for entrees, we shared mole braised beef short ribs and some delicious pork tacos. Both were cooked and presented impeccably. Chef David Bush’s ingenuity and talent were present in every dish and every bite we took.

After we were done with our meal, I tried, and miserably failed to sneakily order a dessert with a candle for R. He knew about my plans but acted all surprised, like any gentleman should! R begged for no singing but I just had to sing the birthday song for him… A birthday isn’t complete without a little public humiliation, am I right?

Candle blown and tummies very happy, we were on our way to our last surprise of the day. Fortunately, that Saturday, the Robert Ferguson Observatory was open (as it does only one Saturday a month) for their “stars party”. Astronomers, kids with an unbelievable knowledge of astronomy as well as visitors roam the observatory, looking through giant telescopes and learn about space. It was so dark that we could see millions and millions of stars, even with our naked eyes. Seeing the milky way for the first time was an amazing experience, I can’t recommend enough. We were both so blown away and so excited.

R being a huge astronomy enthusiast (and geek in general) was thrilled with the surprise and told everyone about it the next day.

Happy birthday love!



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  1. October 12, 2015 / 11:31 am

    Such a good adventure and great gift! As we get older, it gets harder to find the time to properly celebrate our birthdays because we get so caught up in work. Love the pictures, too! Great job! Happy birthday R! 🙂

    • October 13, 2015 / 12:02 pm

      Thank you Kristy! It’s true what you said, which makes it even extra special when we dedicate time for our loved ones.



    • October 13, 2015 / 12:03 pm

      It was soooo good! Thanks for stopping by Vicky! always looking forward for your new DYI!



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