Mini L.A. Trip

Last weekend, R & I went on a mini road trip to Los Angeles to see our friend M. It’s not our first trip to L.A. and definitely wont be the last one either.

The trip takes about 6 hrs, and it’s mostly R driving us while I nap to be honest. I do wake up though, every now and then, to snap some pictures.

DSC00648 DSC00656

The scenery is breathtaking along the way, especially during the sunset hours. It starts to look golden outside and the sky gradually changes from blue to pink, to purple until it’s dark enough to see millions of stars up above us.

DSC00657 DSC00659 DSC00670

We couldn’t resist stopping for a few minutes to gaze at the beautifully clear starry sky.

DSC00690 DSC00772

R took this astonishing picture above, just look how many stars there are.

In L.A. we spent our days mostly we our friend M, eating, drinking watching comedy shows and enjoying ourselves.

DSC00706 DSC00708 DSC00714 DSC00739 DSC00768 DSC00715

If you’re ever in L.A. make sure to visit Stickhouse Gelato in Santa Monica for some deadly gelato on a stick. It’s a must! One bite and your whole world will be shaken, trust me!

DSC00749 DSC00752 DSC00753

So many flavors to choose from, I wanted them all but finally decided to get the tiramisu dipped in dark chocolate and hazelnuts… It’s an absolute foodgasm!

My favorite outfit from this trip is definitely this one below. Fortunately I was wearing a hat, as it turned out to be a rainy day.

DSC00725 DSC00731

L.A is always a good idea. And having great friends there gives us the excuse we need to visit frequently.

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  1. November 18, 2015 / 10:11 am

    Great photos! The pic of stars is incredible!!! Thank you for interesting post

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