Exploring San Jose Del Cabo

Our third day in Cabo was dedicated to adventures. After

Living the all inclusive life at the Riu Palace Hotel & Resort is dreamy, but it’s a shame to leave Mexico without doing a little exploration, don ‘t cha think?


The last day of our stay, we hopped in the car and drove along the beautiful Mexican coast line to go explore San Jose del Cabo.


It’s a beautiful historical city with gorgeous 18th century colonial Spanish architecture.

As we walked around, we hopped from store to store, looking at beautiful handmade Mexican fabrics and clay art pieces.

DSC01351 DSC01353DSC01349

We got a beautiful handmade Christmas ornament to add to our “international” collection. We try to get at least one ornament from each country we visit.


Our tummies were starting to rumble with hunger, so we stopped at a beautiful looking restaurant called Casa Don Rodrigo for a seafood fiesta.


The restaurant has a beautiful rustic look to it. The furniture is all wooden, with beautiful pop of color. Nature is all around you in the patio, as if you’re dining in a rain forest.

DSC01383 DSC01372

The staff was seriously the friendliest I’ve ever met, every time we asked for something (“can we have it extra spicy please?”) our lovely server would reply “why not?!?”. Amazing!


It was hot outside that day, which made the frozen margaritas we had taste even better. Nothing beats a cold delicious margarita on a hot day!


We were craving delicious Mexican/Spanish seafood so we listened to our server’s recommendations. We started the lunch with char-grilled octopus in olive oil sauce and fried jalapeno stuffed with melty manchego cheese. The octopus was mind blowing. Cooked to perfection with a flawless blend of char flavor, olive oil and spices.

DSC01401 DSC01402

The Japaleno were as cheesy as your heart’s desires and “Muy Caliente”!  You can only take one small bite at a time or else our mouth would set on fire…

DSC01389 DSC01388

The appetizers were good but we needed some real food! We shared 3 tacos, one battered shrimp, one battered fish and one raw marlin. The marlin was the tastiest by far, we just couldn’t get enough of it. It was so juicy and tender! The batter on the fish and shrimp was crunchy and flavorful but a little dry, if only it was accompanied with some kind of a sauce.


After we cleaned our plates and sipped the last drops of the margaritas, it was time to go back to the hotel. It was nice walking around town and getting closer to the Cabo culture, but we were eager by the end to get in our bathing suits and jump in the pool one last time!

So long Cabo… You will always be remembered!








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  1. December 12, 2015 / 2:52 am

    Beautiful pictures! Seems like you guys had a great time!

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