Merry Christmas – Holiday Giveaway Winner!!!

It’s finally Christmas!!! Woohoooo…. Are you as excited as me? I woke up today felling like a kid again. I was so excited it’s Christmas morning. I was running around the house, jumping, singing and releasing a ton of energy!

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, you can just feel the love and happiness in the air. Even though again this year I’m spending it away from my family, I’m happy to be able to create new traditions and memories with my new little family, R.

I wish you all a very warm and happy Christmas. I hope everyone spends this day with their loved ones. Also, let us not forget that it’s the season for giving not only receiving. A lot of people are less fortunate then us, so if you can help in any way please do. Make some one happy this holiday season.

Now let’s announce the winner of this year’s Holiday Giveaway ok?

And the winner is…..

… *drum roll* …

Jamie Grady, congrats girl! Jamie has a lovely blog, check her out and follow her!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time, there’s always new and exciting giveaways.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Jamie didn’t reply to my email, I had to choose another winner. The new winner is: Allana E. . 

DSC02171 copy

Merry Christmas!



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