Charlotte Tilbury ‘Luxury Palette’ : Is It Worth The Price Tag?

The makeup market is always expanding with new brands popping up left, right and center. One of the newer brands is Charlotte Tilbury. After working as a makeup artist for over 20 years, she finally launched her makeup collection in 2013.


Being British, the brand is really big in the UK. For the past few months, I’ve been following a lot of British beauty Vloggers (my favorites are: Lily pebbles, HelloOctoberXo, In The Frow, I Covet Thee…) and they all rave about Charlotte Tilbury products. Even Tati from the Glam Guru talks about the brand in her videos.

Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics are relatively new in the U.S.A. and can only be found at Nordstrom. It’s a higher end brand, we’re talking $32 for lipstick, $22 for lip liner… so forth and so on. It’s up there with Chanel, Dior, YSL and other those “fancy” brands.


It seems that everyone that tries Charlotte Tilbury products, falls in love with it. So I decided to splurge a little and try a couple products myself. I’m always excited to try a new brand, specially if my favorite vloggers love it.

Today, I’ll be talking about the Luxury Palette in the shade “Vintage Vamp“. Unfortunately, the second item will be featured in the Bummer Of The Week series on Sunday (keep an eye out to see what it is).


The Luxury eyeshadow palette, comes in 8 different quads. The quads are mostly warm and neutral colors and a mix of matte and glittery shades. They’re made to be used for a soft day look and then easily transitioned into a dramatic smoky look for a night out. Great idea!

I’ve been drawn to plum shades lately, so I picked up the Vintage Vamp. It’s a nice mix of 2 plum matte shades, a soft shimmery champagne and a shimmery gold, that will help your eyes pop. All quads are made to compliment all eye and skin colors. These eyeshadows aren’t extremely pigmented, but they’re made to be built up, which I don’t mind. They’re mostly creamy and easily bendable. The colors will merge together beautifully when blended and will not leave streaks nor will it crease on the eyelids.


That being said, the shimmery gold eyeshadow fell short next to the other 3 in the palette. It’s formula felt completely different than the others, which is weird (you’d think they’re all made from the same formula). It’s not pigmented at all, it’s super chalky and it’s got a decent fallout…

Once I wetted the brush though, it applied much easier and more intensely than when the brush was dry. Also, if I get to be picky (and after paying $52 for 4 shades, I think I do!) the 2 plum shades are a tad close in color. I would have preferred to have a bigger variation in the shades’ hues.

DSC02190DSC02305This palette left me a little confused. I liked it but did I like it enough to justify the $52 price tag? Personally no, but maybe you would. It’s a good palette that will work great for both a soft and a dramatic look. For me personally, I’d prefer to get a Chanel palette in that price range though.

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  1. January 4, 2016 / 1:00 pm

    You can buy her products at BeautyLish as well, which I find to be a much better source than Nordstroms!

    • January 6, 2016 / 10:15 am

      Nordstrom gives 3 free high end samples with it and a deluxe Charlotte Tilburry magic mini miracle cream so that’s why I got it from there 🙂 I haven’t heard of BeautyLish before, thanks a lot for sharing!



  2. January 4, 2016 / 7:29 pm

    I have the Dolce Vita palette and love it! I do see what you’re saying about the quality and the difference in colors, but I think this is one of the palettes in the collection that has less variety between shades. As for the gold glittery shade, it works really well if you just use your finger and use it as an accent. That’s how I do it anyway! I loved your honest review!

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