Give Your Flat Hair Some Va Va Volume

Some people are blessed with thick voluptuous hair… But not me! My hair is thin and lacks volume.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been always seeking ways to add much needed plump and oomph to my boringly flat hair. Luckily throughout the years I have gathered some tips & tricks to volumize and I’m gonna share them with you!IMG_9187

First of all, I brush my hair right before the shower and (sometimes) right after it. By not brushing my hair rigorously I’m helping it from breaking and I’m not  pulling it down with the brushing and thus making it go flat!

DSC04420My second trick that I always follow when blowdrying my hair is doing it upside down. To get a va va voom hair, turn your head upside down and blow dry the roots. Once they’re dried, you can get back up and finish the ends. For a few moments your hair will look crazily volumized (imagine a lion’s mane on steroids) but don’t worry it will eventually tame down.

Thirdly, HUGE velcro curl rolls are your best friends! Yes baby, take it all back to the 80’s! These things are magic. You’ll want to put them on when your hair is still hot from the blow drying or wet right after the shower. You don’t need to roll all your hair into them, just place them on the roots to lift them up! If your hair is wet, wait until the roots dry completely than take them off. If you’re using them after your blow dry, leave them on for at least 15 minutes until your hair cools down. You can do your make up in this time or fix your lunch box… Take off gently and enjoy the volume!





Even though I tried a few “volumizing” hair products, nothing really seemed to work. Recently I tried the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and I was amazed by how much volume and texture it gave my hair, even hubs noticed. While it’s a dry shampoo you can use it to add volume and texture to your flat hair. It will leave a white residue that you’ll have to shake off, but it’s totally worth it!

These were the tricks that I use on a daily basis to give my flat hair more volume. What do you do for your flat hair? I’d love to try new tricks!





  1. April 28, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    Love this! I have thinner hair to and it can definitely be tough to get volume! I got my hair cut into a lob so that it wasn’t so weighed down and it really helped!

  2. September 6, 2016 / 10:04 pm

    Thank you for sharing the rollers trick. I will definitely try it. Love it.

    Click here for hairpieces 🙂

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