2017 Recap

It’s a whole new year… It’s a whole new beginning. Happy New Year darlings.

2017 was a great year that was full of ups and downs. It was filled with great memories and some tough obstacles along the way. Although the downs are what help us grow as a human, today I’d like to recap on the positives so the new year starts on a high note.

In 2017…

Rob & I started the year in Las Vegas. I started my Youtube channel and posted my first Vlog!

Then in February, I attended my very first NYFW. It was such a surreal experience and a definite stepping stone in my life and career.

A couple of months later, I went back to Lebanon, my home country, for what supposed to be a month but ended up being a little longer unexpectedly.

Not only did I have a great time with family while being a tourist in my own country but I discovered both of my parents’ hidden talent: photography!

I went back to San Francisco for only a couple of weeks, before crossing another country of my bucket list. Japan. 

We explored Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto and wandered unfamiliar streets. We fell in love with the Japanese culture, people and way of life.

There we created so many great memories and ate delicious food. We even had the chance to have an unforgettable lunch at Sukiyabashi Jiro… What an honor it was.

The flight back home was bittersweet, but we vowed to be back soon.

4th of July in San Diego has become somewhat of a tradition, and for the second consecutive year we flew to SD and celebrated with our friends.

In August we flew to Canada where I met my gorgeous little niece and attended my brother in law’s wedding.

We came back to San Francisco the later flew to LA for a few days too.

In September my mom visited us for the first time. We showed her around San Francisco, Napa, and Las Vegas too!

On October 30, I celebrated my 27th birthday as a birthday gift Rob booked us a trip to New York later in November.

For Thanksgiving, we drove down to LA where we had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and loved ones. It was summer weather there, so we enjoyed the heat before our next adventure.

Mid-December, we flew to Canada to spend Christmas with Rob’s family. We spent an amazing 15 days there. I was wishing for a white Christmas and I got it! It was the coldest weather I’ve ever witnessed (-27C/-4F) but I loved it. The snow kept falling and everything was covered in white… It was magical.

We got back home just in time to celebrate NYE in our home, and welcome a new year on our cozy couch.

2017 was one of the best and hardest years yet. It taught me that health is the richest treasure to have and how important family is. It also taught me that traveling is nourishment for the soul and body and that making memories is more valuable than owning things.

May 2018 bring good health to everyone especially those who are suffering and may it be your best year yet.





  1. January 30, 2018 / 7:27 am

    Wow what a busy year for you. Your right in saying health is the riches treasure, we can’t take our health and family for granted. Great photos/memories : ) xo


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