What Not To Buy During Black Friday Sales

With the rush of all the Black Friday sales that are going at the moment( in case you missed it, I have a whole blog post with all the codes you need), it is easy to get carried away. Although it’s a great time of the year for shopping and saving moola, the sales can be too tempting and make us spend way more than intended. So this sale season, be mindful of what you get and make sure you don’t buy the following:

Very ” trendy” items

Although these super trendy shoes are on major sale, think to yourself: how much will you really wear them? Isn’t it better to put that money towards an item that’s going to carry you from year to year? Trendy pieces usually are short-lived and go from trendy to “so last season” extremely fast. A fuschia snakeskin pair of boots might be hot now but trust me they won’t be in a few months. Unless that’s your personal style, always not just at the moment, then it’s better to get that timeless pair of Chelsea boots that are missing from your wardrobe.

Lots of low-quality pieces

When it comes to Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, I follow the “quality over quantity ” approach. Instead of spending $200 on 3 coats that won’t last me a long time, I’d rather pay the $200 on one coat that is of a higher quality. Again, see what’s missing from your wardrobe, have a list prepared and be ready to spend maybe a little more on those timeless staple pieces rather than opting for a cheaper option that won’t last you long. This year, I splurged on a couple of pieces during the sales, that I know the style won’t fade in a few months and that the quality is going to last. Instead of getting 2 cool coats from H&M, I decided to get this chic and timeless coat from Club Monaco instead. Coats, shoes, and bags are some of the things you should focus most on their quality as they stand out the most in an outfit.

Things that don’t fit you

I’m the first to admit that I’ve purchased before clothing that was a size too big just because it was in the sale and that my size was sold out. But what happens in most cases is, I never end up wearing them! Why? Well, because they don’t fit well. So don’t be a sucker for crazy sales this year and only buy things that fit you well. No that pair of shoes won’t stretch and magically become comfortable. Nor that jeans will shrink 2 sizes overnight to be your perfect fit. If it doesn’t fit you, well it’s not meant to be.

Things you don’t need

Yes, that gorgeous long faux fur coat would look stunning with an outfit you have in your closet, but you live in LA and chances are you probably never going to be able to wear that coat, unless you go on a vacation ( but you prefer beach vacations, so…). See what I’m trying to say here. Some things are shiny and tempting during the sales but if you don’t have a use for them, then let them go. Again, stick to your list and be reasonable with your choices.

So, I hope this sale season, you make all the right decisions and shop smart!

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for all the old readers and new ones for your support and love.





  1. jodie filogomo
    November 22, 2018 / 9:31 am

    It’s hard when there is the buzz of great deals and sales, not to get caught up in it Tamara!! But this is smart, because in the end it doesn’t help to buy things that aren’t right for us.

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