Why I’m Skipping NYFW This Season

Yet again, Fashion Week is upon us. The 4th of September marks the beginning of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) SS20. As a fashion blogger, NYFW is a highlight of the year for many. If we worked at an office, it’s the equivalent to the biggest conference of the year.

Although, I’ve attended NYFW many times before, this time I decided to skip it, for a valid reason. Hear me out…

First of all, Fashion Week isn’t at all as glamorous as you might think. It’s actually pretty hectic. You’re usually running around like a maniac, from one show to another, trying the beat the NY traffic and make it on time. That means, wardrobe changes in random cafes’ restroom, doing your makeup in the back of the cab and hoping for the best!

And then, of course, there are the long lines before every show. You have to come at least 30-40 min before the show so you can get a decent view of the runway, you see. The lines are sometimes very unorganized and a complete mess. I’ve actually walked out of lines that I was standing in for more than 30min just because of the chaos and unprofessionalism. People will try to cut in front of you. Try to sneak their friends in… etc. Also, seats are usually for celebrities, important media, and big influencers. Most of us will be standing during the show. So you basically waste between 40 min to an hour before each show, for a 5-10 min runway show that you can stream online.

See, with this new digital age of sharing, we don’t need to wait days and weeks like we used to before to get to see the latest trends from the runway. Before this cute little thing that’s called the internet, editors & journalists used to be our portal to Fashion Week. We used to have to wait for the publications to be printed to see what’s new. Now you can almost live stream every show and presentation and watch it from anywhere in the world and images of the show start to be published within hours online. So the appeal of exclusivity and getting the first look is gone.

Nowadays, Fashion Week has turned into this crazy scene where you go to see and be seen. It’s about who gets the street shot outside the hottest shows and who gets on the best-dressed list. So basically it’s an IRL Instagram frenzy. And after a while, it gets redundant and tiring honestly.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the vibe of New York Fashion Week and feel very grateful to be able to attend and to meet so many amazing people in the fashion field. But for this season, I decided to take a break from all its craziness and skip NYFW SS20. But that’s not to say I won’t be attending anymore.

Have you attended NYFW before? What are your thoughts about it?



    • Tamara
      September 4, 2019 / 9:31 pm

      Life happens, it’s okay 🙂



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