A Lunch Overlooking The Pacific

So we kinda woke up a little late this Saturday, a little too late… It was already 1 pm by that time, we had no preset plans, and we were hungry.  R suggested going somewhere new. How about Half Moon Bay? Its only 25 minutes away and the drive is beautiful. Half moon bay is a cute little place by the pacific ocean.

First, we walked around the charming down town. We snapped a few pictures before stumbling upon Half Moon Bay Cheese & Wine Co.. An adorable store that has everything for a perfect cheese & wine night. With a big selection of wines and the ability to taste most of them, you can pick the perfect bottle and pair it with one of their cheeses.



After getting lost for quite a while in the store, our hunger was taking over. One of the most highly reviewed seafood restaurants in Half Moon Bay is Sam’s Chowder House. It’s overlooking the Pacific Ocean and serves delicious seafood. So we decided it was where we wanted to eat, a good choice in retrospect.


We arrived at around 3:30 pm and the parking was overflowing with visitors’ cars. The spacious restaurants was pretty packed too. R & I waited around 15 minutes before getting a table outside, overlooking the ocean. The view was breathtaking and so peaceful. You are literally right on the shore. The sun was shining in the perfect clear blue sky, and a little ocean breeze filled our lungs with crisp air.



The menu was relatively small, not too many items to choose from, but just enough. We started our meal with drinks and shared appetizers. Rob had a pear hard cider and I had a Bellini, which is a sparkling white wine with peach puree. The drinks took a while to arrive, but when they finally did, they were quite refreshing.


We had the combo appetizer platter and a bucket of fried oysters. The raw oysters and clams were to die for. The clams were the best that I have ever had so far. The fried oysters were perfectly cooked and  paired with a flawless tartar sauce.


As for the entree, we decided to try their most famous and award winning sandwich, the lobster roll. We also shared a tuna sandwich. Let me tell you that was no ordinary tuna sandwich. You never had a tuna sandwich until you try this one. A finger-licking cheesy sandwich, perfectly paired with a fuji apple salad. So mouthwatering, we couldn’t get enough of it.


As for the popular lobster roll, well it was rather boring. Literally, lobster in a bun, with a lot of melted butter. Somehow we expected much more from that sandwich, specially for the price you pay. No complex flavors what so ever to give it a little kick. I have to admit though that it was particularly generous on the lobster. Definitely, it wasn’t anything to brag about in our opinion.


Food devoured and tummies full, we sipped our drinks as the sun was beginning to set. As the wind was getting stronger and chilly, it was finally time to head back home.

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Sam’s Chowder House 

4210 North Cabrillo Highway
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

T: 650.712.0245


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