How To Create The Ultimate Skin Care Routine

If there’s only one thing I could tell my younger self, it would be to have a skin care routine. Washing your face with water  and the occasional moisturizer won’t cut it. In order to have and maintain great skin, you need a routine.


Unfortunately, it takes some try and error until you perfect it. Just always remember, that skin care is personal and your routine should be customized for your skin’s needs.

Although the products vary from one person to another, the steps are generally the same.

1- Cleansing


Never, ever sleep without washing your face. Even if you don’t have makeup on. Washing your face will help unclog the pores and create a clean canvas for the products. Although it’s not necessary, I use 2 different cleansers. A softer one in the morning, and my favorite has been the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser for a while now. At night, I use the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. It’s a little tougher and works better at eliminating the dirt.

2- Exfoliating

I try to stay away from actual scrubs as they can cause micro-cuts. For a natural and light exfoliation, I mix my own apple cider toner (you can find the recipe here). If I’m breaking out I use the Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast pads. Both are not very harsh, so using them daily won’t damage your skin.

3- Toning

You guys know about my favorite natural and organic Rose Water Toner. I won’t go too deep into it, as I mentioned it so many times before. You can read all about it here.

4- Facial oil-ing


Finding the right oil for your skin type is crucial. Before I discovered this Herbivore Lapis Oil Balancing Facial Oil, I used to get stubborn breakout.  This oil though helps calm my skin and evens its texture.

5- Moisturizing

Even if you have oily skin, the right moisturizer helps balancing your skin oils and prevent early aging too. For oily or acne prone skin, I found gels work better than traditional creams. If you’re in your 20’s and up, choose a moisturizer with anti aging benefits. I love this Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins™ Mineral-Enriched Oil-Free Renewal Cream. When moisturizing we shouldn’t forget about our eyes. Using eye creams are a key product to help prevent and fight early lines.

6- Multi – masking

I don’t use masks every single day, but when I can I try to multi- mask. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check my recent post here.

Those are the steps that you should follow for a complete skin care routine. Remember to use products that caters to your skin needs. the results are never immediate when it comes to skin care. It takes time, patience and dedication. The results though will be worth it!





  1. October 20, 2016 / 1:25 am

    Thanks for such a nice information Tamara. I have been following Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer from Omved’s 100% natural skin care as a daily routine, Looks like I need to add these 3 products to complete the routine – Exfoliating – Face oiling – Multi Masking. Thanks again!

  2. October 20, 2016 / 2:20 am

    Having a daily routine or your skin is really good cos it helps build a better skin.. Love the details in your post.
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    Please let me know on my blog and I will follow back as soon as possible!

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  3. October 20, 2016 / 1:14 pm

    These are good tips! And you’re right, it takes time to come up with a routine that works for you but it’s worth it in the end 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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