The One Dress You Need This Spring

With the start of every Spring, I go on the hunt for a Spring dress that’s going to take me from day to night and be as versatile as possible. Although, I love my jeans, tee and blazer look, I also love a girlier dress type of looks too.

This year, when I began my search, I pinned down a few criterias that I wanted to tick off with this dress. One, it has to be easy to wear and comfortable. Two, it needs to be day appropriate but also wearable for a night out. Three, nothing too laid back, I wanted the dress to be the center of attention. And the hunt began…

After browsing a few stores, I finally saw “the dress” at none other than ZARA. A satiny maxi polka dot dress, with a wrap detail and puffy sleeves. The beautiful material makes it look so chic and dressy but the cut and colors are perfect for an everyday look. I immediately imagined myself wearing it on a cityscape with some sneakers and a wicker bag. But shockingly enough, I can also imagine it worn for a laid back wedding with some nice strappy heels and a black clutch bag. With some wedges for a date night, or some flats for a girly brunch. And the best part is, it’s AFFORDABLE!! Did I just find the ultimate Spring dress?… I guess so!

Admittedly, at first, I was hesitant about the length on me, as I’m petite. But after a little DIY to see how it will look if it was slightly shorter, I became sure about it. I took a few inches off to make more of a midi style than maxi, and I loved the result. My ankles are more on show with the new length, which elongates the legs and is overall more flattering on a petite figure.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate Spring dress this season, look no further! Go to your nearest Zara or shop online and try this dress on. If you’re petite, try to shorten it if you’re not so sure about it, it will make all the difference.





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