Must-Haves From H&M’s Newest Collection

It feels like every Spring and Summer, H&M just comes to life with its beautiful ethereal collections. From flowy dresses to delicate blouses, H&M’s SS pieces reign the highstreet, yearly. This time around it’s no different. May I even dare to say, the SS 20 is their best yet?

Recently I picked up a few pieces from their new in for my “New In H&M video” and everyone went nuts for them, including me. The black dress, although sold out quickly, was a huge success and so was the white shirt dress. Since then, and as I have so much more time on my hands nowadays, I have been refreshing their website constantly. Luckily every few days they release a new drop, so there are always new pieces to lust over them. Since that video, I have made a couple more online orders because I just couldn’t resist their beautiful pieces.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one spending hours and money on the H&M website, as they’re selling out from pieces like hot cake! So instead of waiting for the pieces to arrive to add them to a haul on my channel and hope they are still in stock for you, I have rounded up what I bought and added a few pieces I’m loving from their website at the moment for you to browse and hopefully be able to buy if you like any of them.


Remember, this is a challenging time for everyone and new clothing is NOT a necessity. Please don’t feel pressured to buy anything if you just can’t afford at the moment, or just rather save up in general. But if you want to treat yourself on a budget, H& should be your destination!

If you want to see what I picked up to make sure you subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss the haul when I post it.


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